Hospital Italiano

Taking care of your health online

Aprender Salud (Health Learning) is an initiative of Hospital Italiano, led by a group of professionals who work to provide tools and guidance for incorporating healthier habits. Thus, they are seeking to prevent chronic diseases of cardiovascular risk, such as overweight, hypertension, diabetes, among others. We were summoned to develop the art direction and graphic design for the posts in the official Facebook Fan Page, minding the prestige and outstanding quality of the institution it represents.


We reached our goal of creating high impact on social networks in an original and creative way, through an attractive design and a rich message, achieving a high level of involvement, both among internal and external audiences.


We focused on the management, content creation and design for social platforms, using simple and clear language in order to create buzz and convey a message aimed at improving the quality of the members of the network.


March 2015



Creativity / content generation / art direction / graphic design / community management