The Whole World at Your Fingertips

Localife is a marketplace that aims to democratize tourism and activities related to this industry. It is a meeting point between individuals offering activities and visitors willing to visit a destination through a different perspective, far from the traditional approach of a travel agency, getting in touch with the local people.


We were summoned to create the new brand image from scratch, to leverage and launch of the company. With this goal, we took inspiration from the concept of dialogue and sustainability, both from a natural and social point of view. The idea was to generate a brand that could be assimilated and incorporated into the everyday life of all the members of Localife community.


This project helped to lay the foundations of a solid brand, that served to synergistically accompany the business in its initial stage, as well as to guarantee an effective communication, sustainable over time and with an ready for long term growth.


April 2016



Brand strategy / branding / art direction / web design