Reporting, part of a successful management

Petrobras is a global energy company driven by the challenge of boosting overall business and society development, with quality and ethics as its main guidelines. Taking this position as a starting point, we set the goal of communicating the top achievements during the company’s annual performance. This goal was achieved through the development of a report consisting of two volumes, which account for the managerial results in a precise and convincing manner.


Working closely with the internal communications team of the organization, we carried out the design of the two volumes that comprise this set, which was then used as a clear and powerful means of communication. This project was a success case both for the company and us as team.


Indeed, the project presented very interesting challenges, due not only to the quantity, but also the complexity of the information to be communicated; anyway these issues did not mean an obstacle, to the contrary, they were ultimately taken as key pillars of the design strategy.


October 2010



Art direction / editorial design / graphic design