Corporate Social Responsibility report

Pluspetrol is a company focused on the exploration, development and extraction of oil and gas, applying the highest standards of engineering and the best technologies available. With a strong presence in Latin America and Africa, it is one of the private petroleum production companies with greater development in recent decades. The company is distinguished by its firm conviction that it is possible to operate in highly complex contexts applying best practices, and to do so while respecting the environment and local culture.


We worked together with the company’s internal communications team in the design and production of the Corporate Social Responsibility report, proudly published in November 2013. This report was originally aimed at specialized external public, but due to its particular characteristics, it could also be used as a reporting tool for the media and general public.


We set the objective of creating a versatile product, with a clean and powerful visual and verbal language. It is, in fact, an aesthetically pleasing design, characterized by the compelling narrative of the successes and challenges of CSR program, accompanied by an efficient information design and expressive photography.


September 2013



Art direction / editorial design / information design / graphic design