Solutions and efficiency in private security

Securitas is the leading private security global company. It provides its clients with tailor made solutions with an innovative approach. In the context of the launch of its communication strategy for the year 2014, we were called to develop the new corporate brochure for the presentation and promotion of the company.


Together with our partner in communication and content marketing, we embarked on this task, with the aim of conveying the expertise and core values of the company as well as its unique business approach. The final result exceeded expectations, because not only we innovated in terms of design, but also contributed to the company’s efforts in the field of brand communication, both externally and internally


The main objective, from the point of view of design, was developing a clear and powerful piece of editorial design, with an innovative approach, that would dialogue synergistically with other communication tools that the company was developing with its domestic team at the time.


February 2014



Art direction / editorial design / graphic design