Terminal 6

Vision and excellence, leadership keys

Terminal 6 is the largest agro-industrial export compound in Latin America. As a result of continued success, both regionally and globally, we were summoned to create, along with the internal communications team of the company, a report that effectively captured the place of undisputed leadership that the organization holds in the market.


Not only this report meets the visual brand guidelines, but it also works as an independent piece of design. One of the challenges during the creative process was the development of a clear way to navigate the information so complex and varied. Our solution was to develop an accurate, orderly grid, and the division of the information in sections so that the reader will always know his location in the book as he goes on. The result is powerful and speaks for itself, and indeed it does justice to the importance of the company in Argentina and all over the world.


This report quickly became a critical communications tool both internally and externally, as it is a clear and effective storytelling of the company from its very origins to our day, highlighting its most crucial achievements.


August 2012


Art direction / editorial design / information design / graphic design