A community as strong as steel

Gente del acero is the hub for the Ternium Siderar community, the largest steel manufacturer in Argentina. Managing and creating content for a company of such prominence is undoubtedly a major challenge. We were summoned by the communications team of the organization to accompany them in a strategy focused on strengthening the relationship between the brand and its target audience. With this goal in mind, we set out to pursue the development of a series of periodic postings characterized by the freshness of the design and the high value of the contents.


Completely moving away from the tendency to replicate empty and repetitive content, in order to tell a new story every day and putting the brand in the forefront, we engaged the more than 54,000 members of the network with a creative proposal, both entertaining and enriching.


The objective was to energize the Fan Page as well as making its content more attractive. As a result, we managed to enhance the audience’s loyalty, contributing to more frequent visits.”


May 2015



Creativity / content generation / art direction / graphic design